Since 1991, Pegaso has provided Yacht Owners with tailored services for their best experience onboard.

Our first mission into this challenging environment was providing clients of Southern Wind Shipyard with technical assistance for their brand-new yachts during post-sale periods.

This allowed Pegaso to work very closely with project departments of the Yard and to build a sound knowledge of structure and systems onboard these magnificent units.


Very soon we started offering a wide range of shore-based assistance for Owners, ranging from Charter, Brokerage and Yacht Management leading our team to grow, gradually including 15 professionals.

At the end of 2019, we transferred our department of Customer Care and Brokerage to Southern Wind Shipyard, focusing our services on chartered vessels and Yacht Management.

We are based in Genoa, Italy, in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, long a city that has represented the best in maritime traditions and we constantly interact with international players of the world of luxury yachting to make your time at sea truly unforgettable.