What we do?


Owning and managing a superyacht is not an easy task due to the vast range of liabilities and duties of compliance that are involved.

Our Yacht Management activity aims to ease the burden that Owners and Captains must bear in connection with their sailing vessel, whether privately enjoyed or commercially chartered.

We provide our assistance:

  • for general review of yacht’s documents, revising their completeness and accuracy, to identify documents that can eventually be missing and to suggest any opportune renewal (this involves a wide list of certificates, third parties’ declarations as well as many contracts);
  • to liaise with the Maritime Authority of State of Registry, on behalf of the owner, for yacht compliance to national requirements (registration, licences, exemptions, technical surveys and generally to comply with flag requirements for the entire yacht’s life);
  • to compare insurers proposals to find a first-tier extensive protection for the owner and crew, based on latest and competitive market conditions;
  • to review insurance setting in order to provide updated protection based on yacht’s current plans and passages during the insurance period;
  • to liaise with Certification Society on behalf of the owner, to maintain the vessel duly surveyed coordinating Class needs with the navigation schedule;
  • to adopt fairly balanced agreements with crew and to mediate between owners and crew to promote and grant reliable reciprocal satisfaction during their employment;
  • to support during regattas (with measurements, insurance needs, flag requirements, additional crew management and so on).


Why to chose Pegaso as Yacht Manager?

Pegaso has provided Yacht Management services for several years, mainly for owners of Southern Wind Yachts. Therefore, we have built a deep and close relation with the Southern Wind Shipyard and its suppliers.

This grants Pegaso special advantages on a wide range of aspects related to Yacht Management for Southern Wind Yachts. In fact:

  • we maintain direct technical contact with Southern Wind project and construction departments, being able to assist on relevant documents (as rules adopted under construction, all certificates to be provided at launch of new yacht, as well as technical documents of almost all equipment originally installed onboard);
  • we ordinarily liaise both with flag Authorities of all boats launched by Southern Wind and with Classification Societies maintaining trustworthy relations;
  • we can benefit from preferential conditions agreed by Southern Wind with its suppliers for new supplies or for the assessment of modifications;
  • we maintain direct relations with Naval Architects and Yacht Designers for any relevant document and for the study or discussion of any repair of modification.